Fresh Baked

Lemon Zinger CookieDaily Fresh Baked Cookies

Sometimes you just need a good ‘ole yummy cookie like mom used to make. We have 7 different flavors of cookies with one rotating seasonal flavor that we bake fresh daily.  From traditional chocolate chip to oatmeal cranberry, we have a cookie for any pallet. You can walk right in and pick out a couple to take with you. Or, if you need a larger quantity with specific flavors, give us at least 2 hours notice and we can have them fresh baked just for you!


Banana Nut BreadBreads

Banana Nut bread? Yes please! Zucchini bread? OK, we promise it tastes way better than it sounds. And our seasonal Pumpkin Apple bread is a delicious fall favorite. All 3 breads, which are sold by the loaf, are made with fresh fruits and vegetables and are perfect for breakfast, dessert, or pretty much any time of day!

Rum CakeRum Cakes

Here at Sharp Cookie, we believe that alcohol and sweets go pretty well together. So it only made sense that we should offer a dessert that incorporates both! Using Bacardi rum and locally grown pecans, this extremely moist cake is rich in flavor and practically melts in your mouth. Our mini rum cakes, which are kept in stock year round, are the perfect portion for an individual dessert. If you need the cake for a group, just give us a call, we can make them in a larger size as well!


Caramel-Filled BrownieBrownies/Bar Cookies

We love chocolate! And butter! And sugar! That’s probably why we have not just one, but three different kinds of brownies. Made with quality gourmet chocolate from Switzerland, our brownies are rich, decadent, and absolutely delicious!

  • For you purists, our Killer Brownie is nothing but ooey, gooey fudgy goodness.  No frills, all chocolate, all the time.
  • For those of you who like a little something extra to compliment your chocolate, our Caramel-filled Brownie may be more your style. With a smooth caramel filling, locally grown pecans and rich chocolate chips, this brownie has a little bit of everything.
  • And last but not least, our Triple layer Mint Brownie with a chocolaty cake-like bottom layer, creamy peppermint center, and silky fudge top is delicious! Think York Peppermint Pattie meets Andes Mint with a little bit of chocolate cake added in for good measure!
  • The Hello Dolly has been with the bakery from the beginning. This layered bar cookie is the owner’s mother’s recipe and does not disappoint. If you like chocolate but not that much chocolate, this is for you. A layer of buttery graham cracker crust sits at the base of this treat followed by chocolate chips, crunchy pecans, and sweet flakes of coconut. Creamy sweetened condensed milk is then drizzled on top, and the whole thing is baked in the oven. The result? Pure, rich deliciousness!